Origin of TCP

What does a Pineapple do to transform into a Crystal Pineapple?  Close your eyes for a moment and Imagine standing in the warm sun, gazing over a garden of Nourishing Soil. Placed perfectly in the center is a Green Leafy Pineapple Crown Standing Tall.  Day by Day you Treat this Crown with Natural Earthly Remedies, watching it continually change and grow. Roots spread under the Crown, securing a firm hold into the ground, and a Reddish-Yellow Flower emerges from within. The Flower gradually expands, transforming itself from a Bright Green Pod into a Ripe Yellow Pineapple. Once you pick the Pineapple, you can cure, crystallize and preserve it for the rest of time.

Now open your eyes and take a second to assess what you just experienced. You are the Crown standing tall in the Nourishing soil. Everyday you continually change and grow, treating yourself with Natural Earthly Remedies. As your roots become securely grounded, within blooms a beautiful flower. This flower you’ve become gradually expands and transforms through stages into a Whole Healthy Pineapple. Once you pick yourself up from your roots in ground, you can cure, crystallize and preserve your health for the rest of time.

One Holistic Nurse had these exact experiences helping her Pineapple clients grow within and Transform themselves into Crystal Pineapples. She now has the pleasure to share how she helps clients transform and can develop your plan designed solely for you. Combining Eastern (holistic) and Western (traditional) remedies, Michelle Guagliardo is here to help you lift yourself up, stand tall, wear a crown and cure, crystallize and preserve your health for the rest of time.

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•Wear A Crown, Stand Tall, Grow Your Pineapple, Cure, Crystalize, and Preserve your Health for the Rest of Time.